The National Memorial to the Few, based in ‘Hellfire Corner’, Kent, is dedicated to the heroic and selfless deeds of the men who fought the Battle of Britain, from 10th July to 31st October 1940. Funded entirely by the public’s charitable donations, the Memorial has one core marketing objective – to continue to deliver higher, more sustainable numbers of advocates, paying visitors and donators, in order to protect this vital heritage site for future generations to enjoy.


To secure the future of this World War II heritage site, our aim is to extend the marketing reach – attracting new and younger audiences beyond the traditional groups.  We want to make the ‘Few’ relevant to many more.


Everyday scenarios that we take for granted, such as catching a flight or getting the train to work or even going down the pub were made possible by the heroic exploits of the few during the Battle of Britain. Using photography taken during the Battle of Britain we have been able to bring the men who fought for our freedoms into current day scenarios that we have all experienced, this makes the viewer aware that what these men did all those years ago affects how will live today!


The creative campaign was launched September with a train card campaign on the HS1 network from London to Kent which will reach 133,000 people with an OTS of 12.6 – delivering 1,675,800 impacts.