Other Funding Sources

REVI-VE Grant funding

The Revi-VE grant fund is offering small 100% grants of between £1,000 - £3,000 to visitor economy businesses. The fund is designed to inject businesses with the financial investment they need to respond to the changed market conditions through innovation and deliver long-term resilience.

This fund is targeted at hard-hit businesses within the visitor economy that need support to make adaptations to their business model or operations in response to COVID-19 and meet certain criteria.

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South East Business Boost

SEBB has a pot of grant funding to support participating businesses to grow. Cover up to 30% of the costs, with Growth Grants available ranging from £1,000 to £10,000.

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LOCASE is now available for green projects up until Spring 2023. Maximum 40% ERDF grant contributions up to £10K with the minimum grant of £1K for qualifying projects.

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Crowdfund Kent

Crowdfund Kent is focused on giving local organisations and groups the opportunity to take forward projects and ideas to improve their local area. Along with pledges from local people, businesses and the wider community, Kent County Council has committed £500K of funding to support crowdfunding campaigns as part of this programme. From this funding, campaigns can receive up to £20k per project, up to 50% of the campaign target.

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