• Kisses From Kent

#KissesFromKent is a social media campaign by Visit Kent to help promote The Garden of England as a warm, welcoming and exciting place to visit summer/autumn 2016 - and all Visit Kent partners are encouraged to get involved.

The campaign challenges residents, visitors and businesses in Kent to send #KissesFromKent to the rest of the world by sharing images of them blowing or sharing kisses on social media.

The campaign was our most successful social media campaign ever reaching over 1.3million people on twitter. Here are a selection of our favourite posts and the more detailed campaign stats.

Kisses from kent goes to london

Following the successful social media campaign we sent a series of colourful characters from Kent to London St Pancras to give out #KissesFromKent to commuters and visitors.

Visit Kent took six actors/volunteers representing some of our Kent Contemporary partners to London for the 7.30 am rush hour, where they handed out #KissesFromKent sweets and actual kisses to commuters and passers-by.

The actors posed for selfies with travellers throughout the train station and spread the word about Kent being a wonderful place to visit all year round.

Our crazy characters were: 

  • The Wife of Bath (Canterbury Tales)
  • A surfer girl/lifeguard (Thanet District Council)
  • A Call the Midwife nurse (Medway Council / The Historic Dockyard, Chatham)
  • A bearded lady (Dreamland Margate)
  • Vintage train driver (Kent's Heritage Railways)
  • Henry VIII (Hever Castle & Dover Castle)

The aim was to attract media attention and social media posts, as well as sending out a positive welcoming message from The Garden of England and our Kent Contemporary partners.

We received very positive feedback – just under 1,000 sweets were handed out to commuters during the busy morning rush hour, numerous people approached the characters for photos and selfies. All were encouraged to share their images with #KissesFromKent.

Watch the video below to see our characters in action:

How CAN YOU TAKE PART IN #KissesFromKent?

- Take a great selfie or photo somewhere in Kent, showing you and/or others blowing a kiss to the camera, or sharing a kiss with someone, or something!

- You could be doing a fun activity, enjoying great food and drink, posing with Kentish ‘props’ (flowers, produce, souvenirs etc), alone, with friends or in a huge group.

- Share the pictures on Twitter with #KissesFromKent and a positive message.


Visit Kent will monitor the hashtag and retweet messages, as well as posting our own images.  Media releases about the campaign will go out to Kent, UK, and International press, VisitEngland, VisitBritain, and The Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

How can you get involved?


  1. PLEASE share your own #KissesFromKent photos on Twitter, and encourage visitors, staff, friends and family to take part 
  2. Add the #KissesFromKent logo to your images.(instructions below)
  3. Reply to customers/visitors tagging you in photos and positives messages with #KissesFromKent (e.g. “Glad you enjoyed your visit to us today! #KissesFromKent”)
  4. Get creative!!! We will send the best #KissesFromKent images to the national & international media next week, so please show off your locations and the characters that make it so special. Here are some suggestions:


- Do you have historic re-enactors, costumed characters, or knights on horseback visiting this weekend? Get a snap of them blowing a kiss to the camera!

Can you take a picture a huge crowd all blowing kisses to the camera? Or why not go on stage and ask them to all take & share their own #KissesFromKent selfies at the same time?

- Head gardeners kissing a rose, top chefs working with Kentish produce, actors backstage, and animal keepers with their favourite residents


We have created some simple posters templates for attractions to print and display on site where possible to promote the campaign (attached). These can be adapted to suit your brand – for example, Leeds Castle has used the template to create their own poster, attached for reference.

#KissesForKent poster template

You can also add the #KissesFromKent logo to your images - download the PNG file here.

If you do not have your own photo editing software, we recommend using the free online programme Pic Monkey:

  1. Select “Edit” and choose photo you want to add stamp to
  2. Click the butterfly icon on the left hand menu
  3. Click “add your own”
  4. Select transparent stamp image file
  5. Position as required
  6. Save or share straight to social channels

Why #KissesFromKent?

Post the EU referendum, it is important for tourism businesses in particular to consider their consumer messages going forward. While our regular consumer work and positive marketing campaigns continue as standard, we must also acknowledge the impact Brexit has and will have – positively or negatively – on UK tourism. And it is our job to respond positively and proactively to the public.

There are two important messages for us to convey in light of the referendum results:

  1. That Kent remains a warm, welcoming place for all visitors, and is an outstanding holiday destination – and any negative perceptions from the international community about the UK following Brexit must be quashed
  2. With the weakened pound, it is great time for European and American residents to visit us, and they will receive a warm welcome

For this reason, and following talks with several partners in the county, we wanted to give people an ‘activity’ that represented love and friendship to engage with – particularly important given the tragic events in Nice and elsewhere in the world. #KissesFromKent will accomplish just this - anyone seeing the campaign should not only feel that is a warm & welcoming message, but will also get a sense of the outstanding things to see and do in the Kent. For those a little shy of kissing, people are still free to share positive images and messages using #VisitKent or #WelcomeToKent. 

This campaign will also compliment and draw attention to our regular summer promotion activity currently taking place, such as the Kent Contemporary campaign, 2FOR1 and ongoing competitions and digital activity.

Thank you for your support on #KissesFromKent.