Other Business Support

 As a Kent business, there is a range of support available to help you grow your business in the way that you want to.

  • Kent County Council as range of programmes and initiatives to support businesses. To find out more click here.
  • Growth Accelerator - Growth Accelerator is another opportunity for businesses to secure expert advice and guidance on achieving rapid and sustainable growth, working towards the aim of helping double your business in three years. Businesses eligible for support must have the potential to double turnover or employees within three years, must employ less than 250 people and must have revenues under £250 million.
  • LoCASE - an EU funded project to help business adapt to climate change and promote opportunities of the low-carbon market. Two types of grant funding (up to a maximum of £10k) that can be awarded to your organisation to improve business performance in terms of profitability, resilience and competitiveness, at the same time as contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. This grant funding will form 40% of the cost of your eligible project, with the remaining 60% matched by your business.
  • KCC Cybercrime advice - Cyber crime is a growing threat to businesses, many of which have already been victims. Find out how to protect your business from online crime that can cost money, cause disruption and in the worst cases force closure.