Sustainability isn't about doing business differently, it is about doing business even better.  The benefits are clear: from saving money, reducing business risk, increasing profitability and accessing an increasing market of customers who have an interest in authentic experiences.

Small steps in your business will help you realise the wide range of benefits that sustainable tourism can bring.  

The benefits of going green

  • Most tourism businesses can save energy, waste and water costs by at least 10% and some have saved up to 40%
  • Engaging with your local community helps your business, your staffing and your suppliers
  • More guests are concerned about the environment, tell them what you are doing and exceed their expectations

Find out how other businesses in Kent have benefitted from going green: 

How can I start being more sustainable?

  • Visit, register and carry out a self-assessment. This will give you ideas and tips on how you can become greener.
  • Read your energy and water meters and waste disposal bills regularly (at least quarterly) – check any peaks in consumption and look at ways to reduce this.
  • Start writing a “Green Statement” planning your actions and priorities and then publicise your activities.
  • Use local produce. Kent is the Garden of England so let's celebrate all the wonderful local food we have. Join the Kent Breakfast scheme to promote a locally sourced breakfast.
  • Promote public transport, walking and cycling routes.
  • Promote Kent's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty - the Kent Downs and High Weald

Become Accredited

There are a wide range of sustainable tourism certification schemes in operation in England, ranging from those that have international recognition to smaller independently managed operations.

  • Green Tourism Business Scheme - with over 2,400 certified businesses in Britain and Ireland, the Green Tourism Business Scheme is the largest sustainable tourism certification in the world.

Resources and Further Information



Totalling over £18.5 million and funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014 – 2020, the LoCASE project will be able to provide support to your business in a number of ways. The provision of two types of grant funding (up to a maximum of £10k) that can be awarded to your organisation to improve business performance in terms of profitability, resilience and competitiveness, at the same time as contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. This grant funding will form 40% of the cost of your eligible project, with the remaining 60% matched by your business;

  • Any business can qualify to use this money (up to £5k) toward having energy efficiency measures installed for their business, with both the cost of materials and installation being covered.
  • If your business offers low carbon goods or services, a business development grant (up to £10k) is available to you. You can claim against eligible costs such as marketing, consultancy, equipment, IT software, licences, training and certification.

Rural Tourism Business Toolkit

Section 1 - Getting Started
Section 2 - Communicating Effectively

Section 3 - Working Together

Section 4 - Local Distinctiveness

Section 5 - Saving money and sustainability



Walking Tourism Resources

Green Pilgrimage Presentations