TXGB - VisitEngland's new booking platform

As you may know, VisitEngland have recently launched a new booking platform called TXGB. Simply, it is a digital marketplace that enables suppliers of tourism product (such as yourselves) to sell via multiple booking channels and reach more consumers. We at Visit Kent are supporting a three-month trial starting soon to see if and how you, our partners, find it useful and we’d love for you to get involved. 

Please take a read of the Onboarding Document to find out more, which is available here

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Easily add book-ability to your website and social channels, so that you can maximise direct bookings
  • If you are without a booking system, TXGB is able to provide you with one
  • Integrate your bookable product with local and national destination marketing campaigns, via your local DMO Visit Kent, or large OTA's
  • Distribute your tickets and products more widely, using quick and easy online channels, allowing you to manage all of your distributors in one place
  • Manage all this in one place, so that you can reduce admin and problems that can arise from selling your product via multiple channels
  • Not pay any sign up fees, and no commission unless you make a booking

For more information and to watch an introductory video on TXGB, please click here.

If this already sounds good to you, then to get started, head to page 4 of the document which is located here, where instructions will guide you through the simple process.

As mentioned, we are holding a three month trial, so we welcome all feedback on how TXGB is working for you. We are not making any profit from this exercise and the 2.5% we make from commission (when you opt in to choose use as one of your distributors) will be reimbursed back into the development of marketing to drive more traffic, thus increasing bookings. Once the three month trial is over, we will always keep the commission below 7.5%, which is still less than many OTA’s charge.

If you have any questions please do let me know, or any technical questions please contact TXGB on support@txgb.co.uk or 0330 223 5050.