Visit Kent Business Barometer

Visit Kent's Business Barometer contains monthly feedback from  tourism businesses on their performance and gives a simple 'snapshot' of how tourism is doing in Kent each month. Around  50 attractions, 350 accommodation providers, 20 conference venues, 5 cross channel carriers and 14 Visitor Information Centres submit their figures to Visit Kent.

To  ensure that we continue to share accurate district wide figures, we want to encourage more businesses to contribute to the Business Barometer. If you do sign up for the Business Barometer, your details will be added to the Visit Kent database and you will be contacted monthly by Visit Kent to complete your figures on a confidential basis. To sign up, please follow the instructions below:

  • If you are a visitor attraction, please register here

  • If you are conference and event venue, please register here

  • If you are a serviced accommodation provider with or more rooms, please register through STR here

  • If you are a smaller serviced or self-catering accommodation provider, please register here

For any further information, please contact Ruby Russ at or to download our Business Barometer guide please click here


As part of our activity to increase the number of busineses that take part in the Business Barometer, we will be sharing a series of case studies from businesses that take part. These aim to give an insight into their experience and how they use the results of the Barometer within their business. 

English Heritage Case Study


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